Cyber & IT

IntroSight Ltd., part of the Rosenblum – Holtzman group, was established to assist the company’s information systems division in dealing with the various business challenges that arise in the context of implementing monitoring and management mechanisms in – IT GRC – Information Technology Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Among other things, IntroSight engages in the following areas:

• Formulation of management and governance procedures for information

• Information system risk management. 

• Monitoring information systems and information security.

• Assistance in implementing various regulatory requirements.

The practical approach underpinning all our activities and services is founded upon our staff’s rich eperiance, including information technology executives; IT processes specialists, information systems auditors and security experts. This approach ensures that the solutions we offer are applicable, efficient, and tailored to the needs and abilities of the organization.

By its very nature, IT GRC deals with the combination of operating activities, monitoring, and risk management in the world of information technology. As such, in addition to practical experience in the field of information technology and familiarity with proper knowledge methodologies, it is also necessary to have a familiarity with the various business processes, and the need arises to adopt common audit methodologies.

Synergy between IntroSight experts, accountants, economists, lawyers and auditors from the Rosenblum – Holtzman group enables IntroSight to provide professional consultation regarding these complex requirements.

This unique combination allows IntroSight to meet the needs of different functions within an organization, such as IT manager, internal auditor, Director of information security, compliance officer and chief risk officer of the corporation. It does this while taking into account the outlook of the organization, the goals and special needs of each of these entities.

IT Value Assurance – the effective implementation of processes and monitoring will ensure that resources already invested in information systems will yield significant business value.