Advisory Services and Valuations

Rosenblum – Holtzman provides advice to its clients in a variety of areas: risk management, implementation of Sarbanes – Oxley (SOX 302 and SOX 404), implementation of corporate governance and assistance to lawyers and legal advisors.

In addition, Our economic department provides professional consulting services in all economic areas, including: corporate valuations, preparation of business plans, preparation of expert opinion for legal proceedings, economic feasibility analysis, due diligence and economic accounting, and more. Department staff has a deep understanding of the customer’s line of business and needs and provides intelligent analysis of the problems, issues and constraints while presenting feasible solutions, efficient and effective.

Members of the department are skilled and experienced. The team is assisted by the other professional departments in the firm, such as taxation, capital markets, IT and more.

Rosenblum – Holtzman is able to draw on its considerable experience to formulate various work procedures for the organization. In addition, the firm provides payroll services, salary checks and wage reviews, among other things, to examine compliance with relevant legislation.

Consultation is provided at the highest professional standard, in accordance with the latest relevant guidelines in the field.

Working Procedures
Thanks to its track record in auditing large and complex corporate entities, Rosenblum – Holtzman has the ability to assist corporations in the formulation of  work procedures relating to all business processes in the organization. 

Working procedures are an important tool for efficient and qualitative management of an organization, ensuring implementation of work processes set out in company policy and their assimilation amongst the employees. The implementation of procedure is performed in coordination with management of the organization, with reference to the applicable regulatory provisions.

The entrenchment of working processes in written procedures is a significant and necessary control tool. In some organizations, procedures are mandated by regulation. The need to formulate written work procedures underpins corporate governance and integrity. The process of preparing procedures is carried out together with the organization’s management, with reference to the regulatory provisions which it is subject to.