Industry, Commerce and Services

Rosenblum-Holtzman & co. is an accounting firm representing dozens of industrial and commercial companies including representing them before the various Income Tax, VAT, National Insurance and related authorities.

Among the firm’s customers are commercial wholesalers and service-providing corporations, such as: high-tech, communication and internet companies, representatives of international corporations, transportation, hotels and tourism, distributors and agencies.

Our team has extensive experience as auditors and consultants to companies operating in these fields – plastics, paper, print, paint and metal industries.

The audit and assurance services for these corporations focus on the areas which impact most their profit and financial stability, these include supply chain interfaces: procurement, inventory (raw materials, materials in process, final product), production management, human resources and wages, sales, collection and more.

Additionally, the firm has extensive experience providing internal auditing and consultation services to corporations in the fields of commerce and services. When performing the audits, emphasis is placed on those areas that handle the actual money and finances – cash registers, billing systems, inventory management, price lists, credits and discounts, engagements with services suppliers, engagements and accountings with credit card companies, and more.